Friday, Oct. 30 in Bemidji, Minn., I ventured out north with Jillian Gandsey to view a Yurt. The drive up to Puposky, Minn. wasn’t too far of a jaunt from Bemidji, however, we traveled quite early in the morning. The intent of getting an early start was to capture photos of the sunrise, and yet the morning was quite eerie with thick clouds looming overhead. The trees have all shed their leaves for the soon coming Winter, and despite of expectations for bright colors in the sky, the scenery was quite picturesque.

We pull up to the entrance and there are sculptures and other antiquities dispersed among the property. You would almost think the landscaping was composed by an exterior decorator, everything in just the right place complementing the elements surrounding.

We are lead by the owner of the Yurt around the property, taking winding narrow paths through the woods around trees and relic monuments. Not too far out, but far enough to gain a sense of tranquility, we arrive at the yurt. The structure, in a serene environment, was equipped with a quaint library, an outhouse and an outdoor kitchen. The amenities must be authentic in order to be immersed in an undisturbed nature.

IMG_9505The Yurt itself is quite the infrastructure of a tent. Raised on a platform, this yurt has withstood sharp tree branches, the bitter winter and even a bear mauling. The conceptual idea for the yurt was derived from a trip the owner had taken to Kyrgyzstan (Yurts have been featured in Central Asia for over thousands of years.) Considering the location of Puposky, Minn., the yurt was fitted with a wood burning stove to keep the occupants warm and cozy in the charming dwelling.

This property inspires the escape from busy city life, full of distractions and anxieties. Venturing outside our comfort zone, or in this case, the “comforts of your own home,” is a beneficial experience. The owner stated that many artists have stayed in the yurt. I believe the reason for their non-traditional “lodging” is to create a new experience and inspire new introspective. I know I am most definitely intrigued at the idea of staying in a yurt, but since we are in northern Minnesota, perhaps in the summer.


Pictured is Kyle, a reporter from the Bemidji Pioneer, who is writing a narrative story on his stay for the winter publication of inMagazine.